6 Organizational Tips for Efficient Apartment Living

Do you ever start to feel cramped inside your apartment? Like, it felt fine when you moved in and all – but now it’s beginning to feel overwhelmingly small? If so, it’s quite possibly the result of inefficient and disorganized living. By investing a little time – and very little money – you can take advantage of the many ways to remedy the situation. Below are six of the best:

1. Declutter

Take the time to get rid of anything you don’t want or need. Begin with your closet. Throw away anything you haven’t worn in the last year, because odds are, you most likely won’t wear it again. Clearing up space will instantly freshen up your wardrobe and leave you feeling accomplished (even if you are mainly wearing pajamas these days). You can also throw away, donate, or sell any electronics, dishes, decorations, etc. that you simply don’t use or care for anymore.

2. Streamline Your Cleaning Cabinet and Stay on Top of Chores

Keeping a clean apartment will drastically impact how you feel and influence your health as well. Got a cabinet filled with 10-plus different brands of similar household cleaners? Work your way through the inventory and determine what products should stay and what can be tossed out. Now you can enjoy your newfound cabinet space to store other essential items.

You may be tempted to let those dirty dishes sit in the sink a little longer than usual or put off doing laundry while binging Netflix, but remember cleanliness and the visual appeal of your apartment are essential to living efficiently. If your house is visually and physically dirty, you could be compromising your mental and medical health.

3. Maintain an Organized Home Office Space

Similar to the rest of your apartment, your home office or work space should be structured and organized. Your setup should be simple but have everything you need to be productive. Be sure to use a comfy chair, sit in natural light if possible, and personalize your desk with a plant, photos, or other decorations. If you have the space for it, consider setting up a coffee maker nearby for when you need a quick pick-me-up.

4. Consider Taking on a New Project

Since you’re spending more time at home, get creative and finally take on those Pinterest projects you’ve always wanted to try. Add in some small shelves, install wallpaper, or create a gallery wall — now is the perfect time to try these DIY projects! As always, check your lease and consult with your landlord before making any drastic changes because any damage created could be deducted from your security deposit.

5. View Your Closet with a New Eye

If you need more space, transform your extra closet into a pantry if you don’t already have one. If the closet is large enough, you can even transform it into a vanity space or a “cloffice.” Elevating your closet into a multi-purpose feature will give your space a unique edge while also serving a purpose.

6. Breath Life into Your Home

It’s important to refresh your mind, body, and space when you spend a lot of time in your apartment or work from home. Letting in fresh air by opening windows will not only increase ventilation to combat headaches, but the subtle breeze can be very relaxing as well. Looking after plants or taking a tea break on your balcony can also help your mental health. Add mirrors in your living room or bedroom to give the illusion of a larger space so you don’t feel cramped. You can also decorate with colors that help lighten your mood.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current living area, don’t automatically assume you need a larger pad. These tips will help create a more harmonious space, so you can continue to adore your apartment and accomplish your goals.

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