COVID-19 Update from Pointguard Management

Important Announcement from Pointguard Management to our Communities:

We want to thank all residents for their continued patience as we monitor what is going on during this time. Pointguard Management is working with our local health departments and trying to stay aware of the changing guidelines being suggested. We feel at this time we should take a step back and put some stricter guidelines in place to help protect our staff and our residents.

Effective June 29, 2020, we are closing our clubhouses. We ask that residents schedule appointments with their managers versus just walking down to the office. We are allowing tours to new tenants by appointments only.

We are allowing all outdoor amenities to be used, but we will have certain guidelines in place. Our priority is always our residents first, so at this time we will continue not allowing any guests to use any of our amenities. Here are a few more guidelines going forward:

Pools: We will allow tenants to use the pools. We have placed chairs 6 feet apart and ask that they stay this way.

Hot Tubs: If the property you live at has a hot tub, only one family is allowed access at a time, and for no longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Outdoor Sports Areas/Playgrounds/Grilling Areas: We are asking Tenants to police these items themselves. State and Local guidelines are suggesting everyone practice social distancing, so please take that in mind while using the outdoor areas. Managers will step in if it gets out of hand.

We will not allow any tenant events or allow anyone to reserve the clubhouses at this time.

Our staff will continue their regular hours posted, please reach out to them via phone or email if you have any questions. As always, work orders can be placed in the drop box, or emailed to your property manager. If you would like for us to not enter your apartment during this time, you may place the work order and request for a later date for the work to be completed.